Query system

With NACC’s query system, you can determine quickly whether NACC is likely to have subjects you are looking for in numbers sufficient to address your research question. (Also, some research questions about available data can be answered quickly by the NACC data summary tables.) Please note that query results should be used only as rough, preliminary numbers. For publication purposes, please make a custom data request

Many data elements used in NACC’s direct query system are derived or calculated variables that describe a combination of data elements taken directly from the UDS forms (e.g., “Age at initial visit” is derived from the subject’s birth year and month and the date of the initial UDS visit). The guide to the query system describes the sources for these data elements.

Venn diagram
This diagram illustrates the relationships among the Uniform Data Set (UDS), NP Data Set, and FTLD Module, as well as the relative numbers of subjects. Not shown: the Minimum Data Set (MDS).

Web-based query system

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