NPI-Q Interviewer Certification Module

This training module introduces the Neuropsychiatric Inventory Questionnaire, or the NPI-Q. This is the instrument that will be used by all the Alzheimers Disease Centers to collect behavioral data on their patients. The NPI-Q is based on a caregiver interview in which a series of questions are read about 12 behaviors. After each behavior, the caregiver responds yes or no. If the caregiver responds yes, then they are asked to rate the behavior as mild, moderate, or severe. You will see this demonstrated in 3 individual videos.


For each interview, the video will display on the left and the NPI-Q score sheet will display on the right. After each question is answered, mark the caregiver's response on the score sheet using your mouse ensuring that each 'yes' answer has a corresponding severity. Once the interview has completed, check that all behaviors on the score sheet are filled out and press the submit button. You may use the control buttons on the video player to pause, rewind, or replay the whole video.

After each interview, your score sheet will be evaluated. If any of the behaviors were scored incorrectly, a message will be shown indicating that the interview must be scored again. The first interview is a practice interview and may be taken as many times as required to score it perfectly. The last two interviews are the test interviews for the certification. In order to receive certification, both test interviews must be scored perfectly. You will have two tries to score both tests correctly.