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Uniform Data Set (UDS)

The Uniform Data Set contains longitudinal data, collected since 2005 during standardized annual evaluations conducted at the NIA-funded Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers (ADRCs) across the country. Participants in the study represent the entire Clinical Core enrollment of the ADRCs, with cognitive status ranging from demented to mild cognitive impairment to cognitively normal. A subset of UDS participants are also evaluated with one of the additional sets of diagnosis-specific data-collection forms, the FTLD Module or the LBD Module.

Essential documents

Initial Visit
Follow-up Visit
Forms Packet  
Coding Guidebook  
Data Element Dictionary  

Stand-alone forms

FormInstructionsDEDData Template
M1: Milestones form

This form is used to indicate a change in data collection or status of a participant, including death or discontinuation.