Forms and documentation

Uniform Data Set (UDS)

The Neuropathology Data Set is collected using a standardized neuropathological evaluation and contains autopsy data for a subset of both UDS and Minimum Data Set (MDS) participants. Version 10 of the NP data-collection form was implemented in January 2014.

Researcher's Data Dictionary

The Researchers Data Dictionary — NP Data Set is intended to be the first and primary resource for researchers analyzing NACC neuropathology data. It has undergone several revisions since its inception in 2002, the most substantial of which occurred in 2014 with the implementation of version 10 of the Neuropathology Data form. The RDD-NP brings together information from all the original data-collection instruments (Coding Guidebooks and Forms) for all past and current versions of the NP Form.

The NP Annotated Form can be used alongside the NP data element dictionary to provide researchers with an understanding of how the data elements are collected. Be aware, however, that many of these exact variables are not to be found in the Researchers Data Dictionary - NP Data Set. The annotated NP Form is provided only as an informational tool. For data requests, researchers should always use the variables described in the RDD-NP.

Essential documents

FormCoding GuidebookDEDData Template
The Neuropathology (NP) form

This form is used to collect a selected set of pathological features at autopsy.

The Brief Data Set (BDS)

This form is used to capture a brief set of clinical data for the purpose of submitting a neuropathology data form. The form is required if a UDS visit was not complete or MDS data was not submitted to NACC prior to autopsy.