Forms and documentation

Uniform Data Set (UDS)

Beginning in 1984 and ending with the 2005 implementation of the UDS, brief, single-record descriptions of ADRC participants were collected retrospectively to form the Minimum Data Set (MDS). Please note that because of the lack of detailed, longitudinal, and standardized clinical data, the utility of the MDS for research is limited, and combining the clinical data in the MDS with the UDS is generally not recommended.

Essential documents

FormDEDData Template
The Minimum Data Set (MDS)

This form was used to collect MDS data, which ended in April 2006.

MDS Data Submission Manual

MDS data submission ended in April 2006, this manual describes the data submission process at that time.

MDS Status

For MDS subjects, this form is used to indicate change in a participant's status including death or discontinuation from the ADRC program. Status updates for subjects present in the UDS, whether or not they are also in the MDS, should be captured using the Milestone form.

MDS Status Form Instructions

A copy of the MDS Status form marked up with additional text describing how to complete the form.