ADRC meetings and presentations

Thursday, October 20th - Friday, October 21st
Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Hybrid Event Platform (details to come)

Pre-Meeting Events:

Wednesday, October 19th
2:00 - 6:00pm CT, Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center:
Data Core Pre-Meeting Analytics Workshop
7:30pm - 9:00pm CT, Swissôtel Chicago:
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Workgroup Social Supported by Flywheel (invite only)

Main ADRC Meeting Events:

Thursday, October 20th
8:00 - 11:55am CT:
Directors Session
12:15 - 1:15pm CT:
Hybrid NACC Steering Committee Meeting (invite only)
1:30 - 3:00pm CT:
NACC Session
3:30 - 5:30pm CT:
Data Core Session
5:30 - 6:00pm CT:
In-Person Administrators Gathering
6:30 - 9:30pm CT:
Directors' Reception, Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse – Supported by the Alzheimer's Association (in-person only)
Friday, October 21st
8:00 - 9:00am CT:
CTF Session
9:30am - 12:00pm CT:
ORE Core Session
12:15 - 1:30pm CT:
In-Person ORE Core Leaders Gathering
1:45 - 4:15pm CT:
Neuropathology Core Session
4:15 - 5:30pm CT:
Cross Core Collaborative Meeting & Networking
(All session times subject to change as we finalize details with our vendors)

Meeting Theme: Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Fall ADRC Meeting will center on the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in ADRC research and operations, which is intended to set the stage for increased efforts network-wide to ensure equitable practices and increased representation of the communities we serve. This is a stated priority of the NIA and of our Center members.
We hope this meeting will help further focus our efforts on:
  • Understanding the scientific underpinnings of potential racial and ethnic differences in the pathobiology and clinical phenotye of ADRD
  • Examining and addressing why some minoritized populations are disproportionately underdiagnosed and affected by ADRD
  • Assessing the possible relationship between lifelong social exposures and risk and resilience to ADRD
  • Diversifying the ADRC participant pool
  • Cultivating a diverse ADRC workforce

DEI Language Guidelines

Several session presentations are planned that revolve around issues pertaining to DEI. To this end, the Executive Committee, in partnership with the ORE Core Steering Committee, and NACC, is providing a few suggested language guidelines for our presentations and discussions, which are in line with the latest recommendations regarding the use of “race” and “ethnicity” in scientific contexts.

Presentations from past ADRC meetings

SpringHybrid – Los Angeles, CA – Imaging Core, Clinical Core, Administrators, REC, Directors, Biomarker Core, and CTF Tech Sessions
2021FallVirtual – Clinical Task Force, ORE Core, Neuropathology Core, Directors, NACC and Data Core Sessions
SpringVirtual – Imaging Core, Biomarker Core, Administrators, REC (Day 1 & 2), Directors and Clinical Core & Clinical Task Force Sessions
2020FallVirtual – Directors, Data Core, NACC Data Update, ORE Core, NP Core
SpringVirtual – Directors, Clinical Core, NP Core and Data Core updates, Imaging Core inaugural meeting
2019FallSt. Louis, MO (Directors, ORE Core, Data Core, NP Core, REC Junior Investigators Special Session)
SpringPhiladelphia, PA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators, Biomarkers, NCRAD-NACC-NIAGADS)
2018FallLos Angeles, CA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators, Biomarker and Imaging)
SpringUniversity of Kansas Virtual Site Visit
Atlanta, GA (Directors, ORE Core, Data Core, NP Core)
2017FallSan Diego, CA (Directors, ORE Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringBoston, MA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2016FallBaltimore, MD (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringVancouver, BC (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2015FallChicago, IL (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringWashington, DC (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2014FallBaltimore, MD (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringPhiladelphia, PA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2013FallNew Orleans, LA (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringSan Diego, CA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2012FallBoston, MA (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringNew Orleans, LA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2011FallSan Diego, CA (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringLos Angeles, CA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2010FallSan Francisco, CA (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringToronto, Ontario (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2009FallBaltimore, MD (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringSeattle, WA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2008FallSalt Lake City, UT (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringChicago, IL (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2007FallRecruitment and Retention (Ed Core special symposium)
Bethesda, MD (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core, NP Core)
SpringBoston, MA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2006FallChicago, IL (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core)
SummerSan Francisco, CA (NP Core)
SpringSan Diego, CA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2005FallSan Diego, CA (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core)
SummerArlington, VA (NP Core)
SpringMiami Beach, FL (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2004FallToronto, Ontario (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core)
SummerCleveland, OH (NP Core)
SpringSan Francisco, CA (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2003FallSan Francisco, CA (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core)
SummerOrlando, FL (NP Core)
SpringHonolulu, HI (Directors, Clinical Core, Administrators)
2002FallNew York City, NY (Directors, Ed Core, Data Core)
SpringDenver, CO (Directors, Clinical Core)