2022 Spring ADRC Meeting

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The Spring 2022 ADRC Meeting was held in a Hybrid format, online and in-person in Los Angeles, CA. Links to slides and video recordings are below.

Imaging Core Session

Beth Mormino, PhD, Stanford ADRC
NACC Imaging Update
Sarah Biber, PhD, NACC
SCAN Updates
Clifford R. Jack Jr., MD, Mayo Clinic ADRC
SCAN Amyloid Legacy Project
Beth Mormino, PhD, Stanford ADRC
MRI Legacy Project
Charlie Decarli, MD, UC Davis ADRC
Imaging Prodromal DLB
Kejal Kantarci, MD, MS, Mayo Clinic ADRC
Tau PET quantification across ligands
Victor Villemange, MD, Pittsburg ADRC
Tau PET disclosure
Annalise Rahman-Filipiak, PhD, Michigan ADRC

Clinical Core Session

TREAT-AD Informatics Pipeline Converges Upon Mitochondrial Function as an Early Key Element of AD Pathology.
Jesse Wiley, PhD, MS, Sage Bionetworks
Integrated Proteomics Reveals CSF Biomarkers linked to Metabolism in AD
Nicholas Seyfried, PhD, Emory University SOM
Mitochondrial polygenic risk scores for Alzheimer’s Disease
Shea Andrews, PhD, Icahn SOM, Mount Sinai
ApoE and Mitochondria
Robert Mahley, MD, PhD, Gladstone Institutes; UCSF
Bioenergetic dysfunction in neurodegenerative dementias: How mitochondrial PET imaging can help elucidate pathogenic pathways in AD and DLB
Sarah Berman, MD, PhD, Univ of Pittsburgh ADRC
Amyloid Precursor Protein and Mitochondria
Heather Wilkins, PhD, Univ of Kansas ADRC
Mitochondria Targeted Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease: The Good. The Bad. The Potential.
Roberta Diaz Brinton, PhD, Arizona ADRC

Clinical Core Virtual Data Blitz

A Metabolomics Perspective on Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in AD
Matthias Arnold, PhD
A Mitochondrial Complex I Defficiency Induces O2-Dependent Tau Aggregation
Anthony S. Grillo, PhD
Neurons Require Glucose Uptake and Glycolysis
Huihui Li, PhD
Muscle Miotchondria in Aging and MCI
Jill K. Morris, PhD
Association of Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number with Brain MRI Markers and Cognitive Function in TOPMed Cohorts
Claudia Satizabal, PhD
Mitophagy alterations are early and prominent features of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
Wolfdieter Springer, PhD
Mitochondria Targeted Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease
Andrea Stojakovic, PhD
Harnessing Mitochondrial Signaling for Neuroprotection in AD
Eugenia Trushina, PhD
Potential Role of Mitochondria in the Activity of Inflammatory-Responsive MicroRNAs
Wang-Xia Wang, PhD
APOE4 Mediates Abnormal Mitochondira-Endolysosomal Contacts in Alzheimer's Disease
Wenzhang Wang, PhD
Mitochondrial Dysfunction Regulates APOE Expression and Secretion
Meghan Wynne, BA

Administrators Session

Welcome new Administrators!
Karyn Marsh, PhD, NYU ADRC
Q&A with Program
Cerise Elliott, PhD, NIA/NIH
External Advisory Boards: Post-Covid Realities
Annika Noreen, PhD, PMP, Univ of Washington ADRC
Remote Retention and Engagement Strategies Across ADRCs
Hanna Blazel, MS, CCC-SLP & Dorothy Farrar-Edwards, PhD, Wisconsin ADRC

REC Session

REC Update Part 2: Diversity Workgroup
Barbara Bendlin, PhD, Wisconsin ADRC

REC Scholar Presentations

Congratulations to the REC Rising Star Awardees: Miranda Lim, MD, PhD, Oregon ADRC and Nicole Rogus-Pulia, PhD, CCC-SLP, Wisconsin ADRC.
Untangling the Association of Tau and Synaptic Changes in Aging and Alzheimer's Disease
Meaghan Morris, MD, PhD, John Hopkins ADRC
Development of a Home-Based Stress Management Toolkit for Dementia Caring Dyads
Melissa Harris, PhD, RN, Duke Univ of NC-Chapel Hill ADRC
Clinician Perspectives on Use of Plasma Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers in Primary Care
Kyra O’Brien, MD, Univ of Pennsylvania
Blue autofluorescence imaging reveals retinal inclusion bodies in cognitively unimpaired older adults at high risk for Alzheimer's disease
Edmund Arthur, OD, PhD, FAA, Univ of Alabama ADRC
Cellular Senescence as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Treating Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer's Disease
Miranda E. Orr, PhD, Wake Forest ADRC
Investigation of Genetic Signatures of Primary Age-Related Tauopathy
Kurt Farrell, PhD, Mount Sinai ADRC
Between Here and There: Addressing End of Life Disparities Among African Americans with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Through Community-Based Training in Advanced Care Planning
Maisha Robinson, MD, MSHPM, Mayo Clinic ADRC - Florida
Arterial Aging & Brain Health in Older Adults
Francis Cambonero, BS, Vanderbilt ADRC
Moving Beyond Reactive Approaches: A Paradigm Shift in Dysphagia Management for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease
Nicole Rogus-Pulia, PhD, CCC-SLP, Wisconsin ADRC
Molecular features of amyloid-β and tau in CTE with Alzheimer's disease copathology
Ignazio Cali, PhD, Cleveland ADRC
Perspectives on Alzheimer's Disease Biomarker Disclosure among Racially Diverse Older Adults
Annalise Rahman-Filipiak, PhD, Michigan ADRC
A Ketogenic Diet Differentially Affects Neuron and Astrocyte Transcription: Implications for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
Scott Koppel, BS, Univ of Kansas ADRC
Challenges Associated with Remote Caregiving and a Proposed Solution
Alyssa Weakley, PhD, Univ of California Davis ADRC
Identification of genetic regions associated with p-tau blood concentration on the Hispanic population
Marcio Almeida, PhD, South Texas ADRC
Data-Driven Stratification of Neurodegenerative Disorders Using Video-MRI Analysis
Ehsan Adeli, PhD, Stanford ADRC
TWLITE (Tunable White Light Therapy in Elders to improve sleep): An ORCATECH Life Lab Pilot Study
Miranda Lim, MD, PhD, Oregon ADRC
Molecular insights into the phase transition behavior of neurodegenerative disease related proteins
Galia Debelouchina, PhD, UCSD Shiley-Marcos ADRC

Biomarker Core Session

Goals of the committee and the Biomarker Cores at ADRCs
Cerise Elliott, PhD, NIA/NIH
Short Report: NACC CSF Aβ42, p-Tau181, t-Tau
Lynn Bekris, PhD, Cleveland ADRC
Blood-Based Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease
Jeff Dage, PhD, Indiana University ADRC
Best Practices & Pre-Analytical
Donna Wilcock, PhD, Kentucky ADRC
Round Table Panel Discussion
Thomas Wingo, MD, Emory University, Goizueta ADRC

Digital Biomarker / CTF Tech Session

UDSv4 Planned Pilot Protocol
Rhoda Au, PhD, Boston University ADRC
Demo: Digital UDS Tech
Zach Popp, MPH, Boston University ADRC
Digital Biomarkers in AD
Sean Mooney, PhD, Associate Director at NACC

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