Forms and documentation

Uniform Data Set (UDS)

The shortened version of the LBD Module was implemented in 2020 and contains data collected on a subset of UDS participants. The Module is aimed at evaluating those suffering from or at risk for dementia with Lewy bodies.

Essential documents

Initial Visit
Follow-up Visit
Forms Packet

The full packet, containing all data collection forms. Alternatively, individual forms can be downloaded below.

Coding Guidebook

The guidebooks provide detailed, annotated explanations of each form on an item-level basis, with instructions, operational definitions, and references.

Data Element Dictionary

In a compact format, the DEDs list all the variables and provide a detailed description, including data type, length of field, allowable codes, and information on skip patterns and blanks.

Data Template

Templates are designed to help ADRC Data Cores develop software for submitting UDS data to NACC via ASCII batch file submission.


Individual forms

Initial Visit
Follow-up Visit
B1L: Clinical Symptoms and Exam  
B2L: UPDRS Part II — Activities of Daily Living  
B3L: UPDRS Part III — Motor Examination  
B4L: Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI)  
B5L: Mayo Fluctuations Scale  
B6L: Mayo Sleep Questionnaire — Participant  
B7L: Mayo Sleep Questionnaire — Co-participant  
B9L: SCOPA Sleep — Co-participant  
C1L: Neuropsychological Battery Scores  
D1L: Clinical DLB and PD Features  
E1L: Genetics  
E2L: Neuroimaging Available and FIndings  
E3L: Other Labs and Findings