Fall 2018 ADRC Meeting presentations

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Ore core leaders meeting

NIA update
Cerise Elliott, PhD; Program Director, NIA Division of Neuroscience
Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) update
Joe Balintfy; NIA/NIH
Alzheimer's Association update
Keith Fargo, PhD; Director of Scientific Programs and Outreach
Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration update
Sharon Denny; Program Director
CDC Healthy Brain Initiative update
Heidi Holt; Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Research Education Components update
Scott Roberts, PhD; ORE Core Leader, University of Michigan
ADI Neighborhood Atlas: Measuring social determinants of health
Amy Kind, MD, PhD; University of Wisconsin Madison
ADRC Retention Survey: Preliminary findings
Josh Grill, PhD; ORE Core Leader, University of California, Irvine
Using My Chart to support recruitment
Arijit Bhaumik, BA, CCRP; University of Michigan
Allison Lindauer, PhD, NP; ORE Core Leader, OHSU
Christine Suver, PhD; Sage Bionetworks
Balm in Gilead: Memory Sunday Collaboration
Frederick Schmitt, PhD; ORE Core Leader, University of Kentucky
NIA/NIH update
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH

NP Core leaders meeting

NIH ADC's Panel recommendations: Neuropathology update and future plan
C. Dirk Keene, PhD; Chair, NP Core Steering Committee, NP Core Leader, University of Washington
Neuropathology keyNote: A molecular and cellular paradigm for understanding human brain function and dysfunction
Ed Lein, PhD; Investigator, Allen Brain Institute
TDP-43 pathologies and HS-related disorders in the elderly
Peter Nelson, MD, PhD; NP Core Leader, University of Kentucky
NeuroBiobank: Overview and opportunities for collaboration with ADRC NP cores
Anna Taylor, PhD; Program Director, NIH NeuroBiobank, NINDS

Directors meeting

NIA update
Richard Hodes, MD; Director, NIA/NIH
Eliezer Masliah, MD; Director, Division of Neuroscience, NIA/NIH
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH
Updates from ADRC data — and sample-sharing facilitators
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
Gerard D. Schellenberg, PhD; PI, Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
Tatiana Foroud, PhD; PI, National Centralized Repository for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
Report from Genetic and Biomarker Disclosure Work Group
Neelum Aggarwal, MD; Clinical Core Co-Leader, Rush University
Deborah Blacker, MD, ScD; Clinical Core Co-Leader, Massachusetts ADRC
Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Consortium: Current status and future plans
Paul Aisen , MD; Co-Leader, ACTC
The research framework: Rationale for a new point of view
Reisa Sperling, MD, MMSc; Co-Investigator, Massachusetts ADRC

NACC data / Methods meeting

NACC updates and future directions
George Thomas, MS; Manager of Computing (Interim), NACC
Working with NACC data: Access and use in the scientific community
Merilee Teylan, MPH; Sr Research Scientist, NACC
NCRAD update: How can I find NCRAD samples linked to NACC data?
Tatiana Foroud, PhD; PI, NCRAD
Recent statistical methodology publications using the NACC UDS database
Kwun Chuen Gary Chan, PhD; Co-Investigator and Statistician, NACC
Example of addressing a research question using NACC data: Studies on primary age-related tauopathy (PART)
Charles Mock, MD, PhD; Associate Director and Epidemiologist, NACC

Data core leaders meeting

Modeling multiple longitudinal outcomes
Yorghos Tripodis, PhD; Data Core Leader, Boston University
Linking NACC to Medicare data
Carolyn Zhu, PhD; Data Core Leader, Mount Sinai
Disease diagnosis for AD using cell-free DNA in the serum
Hao Wu, PhD; Emory University
Associations between dementia types and medication use jointly accounting for dropout
Heather Allore, PhD; Data Core Leader, Yale University
Nonlinear normative score calculators for NACC UDS3 cognitive tests
John Kornak, PhD; University of California, San Francisco