2017 Spring ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Administrators Meeting

Anne Arthur, MS; Chair, Administrators Steering Committee, University of Kansas
Tables Committee update
Kevin Connolly, MS; Administrator, Northwestern University
The U-ARE interview: A pragmatic approach to capacity assessment
Carey Gleason, PhD; University of Wisconsin

Directors Meeting

NIA update
Richard Hodes, MD; Director, NIA/NIH
Eliezer Masliah, MD; Director, Division of Neuroscience, NIA/NIH
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH
ADRC collaborators report
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
Tatiana Foroud, PhD; PI, National Cell Repository for Alzheimer's Disease
Gerard Schellenberg, PhD; PI, Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
NIA-ADC Planning Panel recommendations
Barry Greenberg, PhD; Chair, NIA-ADC Planning Panel
NIA AD Translational Research Program: Opportunities for ADRC integration
Suzana Petanceska, PhD; Program Director, Systems Biology and Systems Pharmacology

Clinical Core Leaders Meeting

Update on the Latino Task Force and the Spanish translation of UDS
Katya Rascovsky, PhD; Neuropsychologist, University of Pennsylvania
Update on the LBD Module
Jim Galvin, MD, MPH; Chair, LBD Work Group
NACC data visualization and analytic tools
Katherine Rankin, PhD; Data Manager, University of California, San Francisco
Pathological heterogeneity of clinically defined AD
Julie Schneider, MD, MS; Neuropathology Core Leader, Rush University
Molecular imaging heterogeneity of clincally defined AD
Gil Rabinovici, MD; Project Leader, University of California, San Francisco
Genetic heterogeneity of clinically defined AD
Andrew Saykin, PsyD; Director, Indiana University
How are Centers currently using biomarkers?
Jeffrey M. Burns, MD, MS; Chair, Clinical Core Steering Committee, University of Kansas