2016 Spring ADRC Meeting presentations

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Administrators Meeting

Administrators Meeting presentation
NIA update
Cerise Elliott, PhD; NIA/NIH
Help! I need an Administrator!
Anne Arthur, MS, APRN; Administrator, University of Kansas
EAC Visits: When hosting your in-laws for two weeks looks good…
Viginia Buckles, PhD; Administrator/Executive Director, Washington University
Tables — What are they good for?
Kevin Connelly, BS; Administrator, Northwestern University
Neurology for non-neurologists
Steven DeKosky, MD; Associate Director, 1Florida ADRC
Imaging for non-imagers
Emily Rogalski, PhD; Associate Professor, Northwestern University
Genetics for non-geneticists
Tatiana Foroud, PhD; Chair, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Indiana University, PI, NCRAD

Directors Meeting

Directors Meeting presentation
NIA update
Marie Bernard, MD; Deputy Director, NIA/NIH
NACC update
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
ADGC update
Richard Mayeux, MD, MSc; Co-PI, Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
NCRAD update
Tatiana Foroud, PhD; PI, National Cell Repository for Alzheimer's Disease
NIAGADS update
Li-San Wang, PhD; PI, NIA Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site
Update on the DLB Module to the UDS
James Galvin, MD, MPH; Florida Atlantic University, Chair, DLB Subcommittee
Scientific symposium: New Wine From Old Bottles
Advancing the clinical science of dementia: Not just your grandfather's assessment
Jeffrey Kaye, MD; Chair, ADRC Executive Committee, Director, Oregon Health & Science University
Population neuroscience: Looking at life from both sides now
Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH; University of Pittsburgh
Alzheimer's disease genetics: What is the progress and what is the promise?
Gerard Schellenberg, PhD; PI, Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
Achieving therapeutic success in Alzheimer's disease: A time to regroup and refine our approach
Howard Feldman, MD; University of British Columbia

Clinical Core Leaders Meeting

Clinical Core Leaders Meeting
Spanish translations of forms
Katya Rascovsky, PhD; Neuropsychologist, University of Pennsylvania
Update from the computerized measures group
C. Munro Cullum, PhD, ABPP; Clinical Core Leader, University of Texas Southwestern
Form D1 biomarkers and the logic of diagnostic declaration
David Knopman, MD; Chair, FTLD Module Work Group, Clinical Core Leader, Mayo Clinic
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, NACC
Thematic session: Can we do more with the Clinical Core?
Joseph Quinn, MD; Chair, ADRC Clinical Core Steering Committee, Clinical Core Leader, Oregon Health & Science University
Doing more with Non-Alzheimer's Dementia: The FTLD Module and beyond
David Knopman, MD; Chair, FTLD Module Work Group, Clinical Core Leader, Mayo Clinic
Doing more with IMAGING: The Neuroimaging Initiative
Charles DeCarli, MD; Chair, Imaging Subcommittee, Director, University of California, Davis
Doing more with GENETICS: Gene-environment interactions
Haydeh Payami, PhD; University of Alabama at Birmingham
Doing more with OUTCOMES: Lessons from the Parkinson's Outcomes Project
Peter Schmidt, PhD; National Parkinson's Foundation