2014 Fall ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

ORE core meeting

Jennifer Lingler, PhD; ORE Core Leader, University of Pittsburgh
Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) update
Jennifer Watson, MA; ADEAR Project Officer
Alzheimer's Association update
Keith Fargo, PhD; Director of Scientific Programs and Outreach
Rural outreach innovations
Andrea Denny, JD, MSSW; ORE Core Leader, Washington University in St. Louis
Recruiting Older Adults into Research (ROAR)
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH
Recruitment for autopsy programs, update from the Brain Donation NACC Collaborative Project
Linda Boise, PhD; ORE Core Leader, Oregon Health & Science University
CMS Innovation Award, Workforce Development Core
Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhD; ORE Core Leader, Indiana University
Building an evidence base for education on advance care planning
Betty Black, MEd, PhD; Associate Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry, Johns Hopkins University

NP core meeting

Nigel Cairns, PhD; Chair, NP Core Leaders Steering Committee, NP Core Leader, Washington University
NACC update
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
ADNI and DIAN Neuropathology Core update
Nigel Cairns, PhD; ADNI and DIAN NP Core Leader, Washington University
Scientific symposium: Neuroimaging and neuropathologic correlates of dementing disorders
Randy Woltjer, MD, PhD; NP Core Leader, Oregon Health & Science University
Update on performance characteristics of revised NIA-AA guidelines
Thomas Montine, PhD, MD; Director and NP Core Leader, University of Washington

Directors meeting

NIA update
Richard Hodes, MD; Director, NIA/NIH
NACC update
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
UDS update
John C. Morris, MD; Director, Washington University in St. Louis
NCRAD update
Tatiana Foroud, PhD; PI, National Cell Repository for Alzheimer's Disease
Presentations by the Directors of the 10 original ADRCs

NACC data/Methods meeting

UDS3 implementation
Duane Beekly, BS; Director of Computing Systems, NACC
NACC researcher website redesign
Elizabeth Robichaud, MA; Public Information Specialist, NACC
NACC query system
Katherine Heller, MS; Research Scientist, NACC
Recent studies using NACC data
Lilah Besser, MSPH; Research Scientist, NACC
Report on a Collaborative project
Thomas Montine, PhD, MD; Director, University of Washington and PI, NACC Collaborative Project
ADGC and NIAGADS update
Li-San Wang, PhD; Principal Investigator, NIAGADS

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