2012 Fall ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Education core leaders meeting

NIA update.
Creighton Phelps, PhD — Director, ADRC Program, National Institute on Aging
ADEAR update.
Jennifer Watson — ADEAR Project Officer, NIA
NAPA update.
Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD — Director, Mayo Clinic
Collaborative projects
Administration on Aging presentation.
Kate Gordon — Administration for Community Living
The Illinois Cogntive Resources Network.
Raj Shah, MD — Ed Core Leader, Rush University
Darby Morhardt, MSW — Ed Core Leader, Northwestern University
Update on NACC collaborative autopsy study.
Linda Boise, PhD — Ed Core Leader, Oregon Health & Science University
St. Louis efforts to improve and educate around hospital care.
Maggie Murphy-White, MA — Hospital Initiative Coordinator, St. Louis Chapter, Alzheimer's Association
UCSF educational program for dementia patients and caregivers anticipating hospitalization.
Cynthia F. Barton, RN, MSN — University of California, San Francisco;
Jennifer Merilees, RN, PhD — University of California, San Francisco
Tech Talk
Update on Ed Core Wiki.
Howard Rosen, MD — Ed Core Leader, University of California, San Francisco
Social media use by ADCS.
Jeffree Itrich — Sr. Clinical Trials Communications & Recruitment Specialist, Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study, University of California, San Diego

Neuropathology core leaders meeting

Minisymposium: Emerging concepts in clinical-pathological correlations related to brain diseases of advanced age
What NACC (and other) data say about the accuracy of clinical diagnoses in predicting neuropathology on autopsy.
Thomas Beach, MD, PhD — NP Core Leader, Arizona ADRC
Neuropathology vs neuromythology*: How ADC/NACC data help to move the field of AD research forward.
*Thanks to Dr. William Landau.
Peter Nelson, MD, PhD — Chair, NP Core Steering Committee; NP Core Leader, University of Kentucky

Directors meeting

From the NIA Director.
Richard Hodes, MD
From the ADRC Program Director.
Creighton Phelps, PhD
ADGC GWAS update
Gerard D. Schellenberg, PhD — P.I., Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
NAPA update
Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD — Advisory Committee Chair, National Plan on Alzheimer's Disease; Director, Mayo Clinic
International Alzheimer’s Disease Research Portfolio (IADRP).
Laurie Ryan, PhD — Program Director, AD Clinical Trials, NIA
Scientific Symposium: How MRI phenotypes inform the genetics of brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease
GWAS using MRI as an endophenotype.
Lindsay Farrar, PhD — Chief, Biomedical Genetics, Boston University
MRI genetics in minority populations.
Andrew Saykin, PsyD — Professor of Radiology and Director, Indiana University Center for Neuroimaging
Novel use of MRI.
Charles DeCarli, MD — Steering Committee Chair; Director, University of California, Davis

NACC data/Methods meeting

Research methods: Biomarkers and University of Pennsylvania data.
X.H. Andrew Zhou, PhD — NACC Co-investigator and Biostatistician
Applied Research
Cognitive weighting.
Sarah Monsell, MS — NACC Research Scientist
Presentation by former NACC Junior Investigator awardee.
Patrick Brown, PhD — Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Columbia University
Asymptomatic AD.
Charles Mock, MD, PhD, FACS — NACC Co-investigator and Epidemiologist

Data core leaders meeting

Session I: Biomarker analyses: measurement errors, variability and statistical power
Statistical power in biomarker analyses.
Lon Schneider, MD — Clinical Core Leader, University of Southern California
Session II: Creating effective data entry and platform
An electronic data entry system: Experience in designing and implementing the system.
Roger Mueller, BA — Data Manager, Mayo Clinic
REDcap web-interface database system.
Jonathan D. Mahnken, PhD — Data Core Leader, University of Kansas

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