2011 Spring ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Administrators Meeting

Technological tools for ADRCs
Contact management: CiviCRM-Reggie
Carey Gleason, PhD; Administrator, University of Wisconsin
Central Desktop
Elena Taylor-Munoz, MA; Administrator, University of Southern California
Admin Core Systems: Needs and Opportunities
Joe Hesse; Technology Director, University of California, San Francisco
Administrator Steering Committee roles and responsibilities
Jayne LaGrande, MBA
Making connections: A guide to grateful patient philanthropy
Marje Murray; Director of Development, University of Wisconsin Foundation
University of Southern California ADRC overview
Helena Chui, MD; Director, University of Southern California

Directors Meeting

UDS update
John C. Morris, MD; Chair, Clinical Task Force
DNA methylation in human cortical neurons: relative influence of disease vs. location
Benjamin Tycko, MD, PhD; Columbia University
MicroRNA in Alzheimer's disease
Peter Nelson, MD, PhD; University of Kentucky

Clinical Core Meeting

Current makeup of the Clinical Core Task Force and review/reminder of the new plan to rotate the chair of the Clinical Core Steering Committee
David Salmon, PhD; Clinical Core Co-Leader, University of California, San Diego
Progress of the UDS Neuropsychological Test Battery Work Group
Sandra Weintraub, PhD; Clinical Core Leader, Northwestern University
Progress and planned implementation of the UDS frontotemporal lobar dementia (FTLD) module
David Knopman, MD; Clinical Core Leader, Mayo Clinic
Medicare mandate for cognitive screening — best practice recommendations from the ADRCs?
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Assistant Director, ADRC Program, NIA
Alzheimer's disease lumbar puncture survey
John Morris, MD; Director and Clinical Core Leader, Washington University in St. Louis