2010 Fall ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Ed Core Leaders Meeting

NIA update
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Assistant Director, NIA ADRC Program
ADEAR update
Jennifer Watson, MA; NIA Project Officer, ADEAR Center
Using social media to enhance ADRC collaboration and recruitment
Jim Cashel, MD, MPP; Chairman and Co-founder, Forum One Communications
ADCS experience in using social media tools
Jeffree Itrich; Senior Clinical Trials Communications Specialist, ADCS, University of California, San Diego
Models of collaboration across ADRCs: The Buddy Program
Darby Morhardt, LCSW; Northwestern University
Survey of clinician attitudes towards lumbar puncture across ADRCs
John Morris, MD; Director, Washington University
Ethnic differences among research subjects in willingness to assent to brain donation
Linda Boise, PhD; Oregon Health & Science University
Frontotemporal dementia caregivers and researchers: Partnering for brain donation
Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhD; University of Indiana
Educational intervention to improve brain donation assent rates among African American participants
Angela Jefferson, PhD; Boston University
Recruitment of African American normal controls
Caitlin McGuire, presenting for Deborah Danner, PhD; University of Kentucky

Neuropathology Core Leaders Meeting

An update on the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)
Michael Weiner, MD; ADNI Project Leader and Imaging Core Leader, University of California, San Francisco
An update on biomarkers in AD and non-AD dementias
Tom Montine, MD, PhD; NP Core Leader, University of Washington
The role of neuropathology/neuropathologists in optimizing clinical trials in AD
Jeffrey Cummings, MD; Director, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Cleveland Clinic
Realigned clinical criteria for the diagnosis of AD
Guy McKhann, MD; Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Reporting of FTLD cases to NACC — an update
Dennis W. Dickson, MD; NP Core Leader, Mayo Clinic and Florida ADRC

Directors Meeting

NIA update
Richard J. Hodes, MD; Director, NIA
Update and progress report on three NIA/Alzheimer's Association Workgroups established to update the definition of and diagnostic guidelines for AD
Marilyn Albert, PhD; Director, Johns Hopkins University
Report on the FTD Module from the FTD Steering Committee
David S. Knopman, MD; Representative, FTD Steering Committee
Factors underlying the transition from cognitive health to dementia
Robert S. Wilson, PhD; Neuropsychologist, Rush University
Modifiable risk factors for cognitive decline, MCI and AD in northern Manhattan
Jose A. Luchsinger, MD, MPH; Florence Irving Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, Columbia University
Disentangling the effects of normative and nonnormative aging
Richard B. Lipton, MD; Lotti and Bernard Benson Faculty Scholar in Alzheimer's Disease, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Laurel Beckett, PhD; Biostatistics Core Leader, University of California, Davis

NACC/Data Core Leaders Meeting

Factor structure and invariance in the UDS neuropsychological test battery
Kathleen Hayden, PhD; Epidemiologist, Duke University
Combination selection of markers for prediction
XH Andrew Zhou, PhD; Biostatistician, NACC
Source-to-database errors: Causes and effects
Meredith Nahm, MS; Associate Director for Clinical Research Informatics, Duke Translational Medicine Institute, Duke University
Building ADRC recruitment and research data management tools: Lessons learned in Wisconsin
Nevin Olson; Senior Research Specialist, University of Wisconsin
Open discussion of security, data validation, and institutional support for data management
Lawrence Whitley; Data Manager, Duke University

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