2008 Spring ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Directors meeting

Taylor Harden, PhD — Acting Deputy Director
Clinical Task Force.
John Morris, MD — Chair; Director, Washington University
Gerard Schellenberg, PhD — Project Director
New approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of dementia
Tau mechanism in dementia.
Lennart Mucke, MD — Professor, University of California, San Francisco
Microglia: Friend or foe?
Li Gan, PhD — Asst. Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Clinical core leaders meeting

Initial UDS Neuropsychological Battery findings.
Sandra Weintraub, PhD — Clinical Core Leader, Northwestern University
UDS 2.0 review: Extended CDR® for FTD.
David Knopman, MD — Clinical Core Leader, Mayo Clinic

Administrators meeting

Virginia Buckles, PhD — Chair, Administrators Steering Committee
NIA Review Procedures.
Robin Barr, D Phil — Office of Extramural Affairs, NIA
Summary (Pink) Sheet Comments — Dos and Don'ts from "Last Time".
Judy DeCarteret — Administrator, Boston University
Panel: Alzheimer’s Disease Centers’ Infrastructures & Scientific Missions: Windows of Opportunity from Coast to Coast
Moderator: Liang Yap, PhD.
Administrator, Massachusetts ADRC
Dana Swenson-Dravis, MA.
Administrator, Mayo Clinic
Annie Barz, MS.
Administrator, Rush University
Jayne LaGrande, MBA.
Administrator, University of California, Davis