2008 Fall ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Directors meeting

NIA update.
Richard Hodes, MD — Director, National Institute on Aging
Scientific Symposium: Lewy Body Dementia
Clinical update on Lewy body dementia.
James Galvin, MD — Washington University
Epidemiology and genetics of Lewy body dementia.
Richard Mayeux, MD, MSc — Columbia University
Neuropathology and biology of Lewy body dementia.
John Trojanowski, MD, PhD — University of Pennsylvania

NACC data and methods meeting

UDS dropouts: Tips and tricks of successful Centers.
Tom Koepsell, MD, MPH — NACC Co-director

ADRC data core meeting

Welcome and Introductions.
Sharon Xie, PhD — Steering Committee Chair
Center data management systems used to manage the UDS data collection and submission process.
Howard Andrews, PhD — Data Core Leader, Columbia University

Education core leaders meeting

ADEAR Update — Brochures, HBO specials, Survey e-Consumers, Physician, and other projects.
Jennifer Watson — NIA Project Officer, ADEAR
PriMed: Developing a CME course for primary care physicians.
Joshua Grill, PhD — Ed Core Leader, University of California, Los Angeles
CME on clinical trials: Impact and outcomes.
Joshua Grill, PhD — Gregory Jicha, MD, PhD — Senior Investigator, University of Kentucky
Summary of ICAD preconference: Strengthening Alzheimer's research in diverse populations.
Nina Silverberg, PhD — Assistant Director, ADRC Program, NIA
Alzheimer's Association clinical trials program: Outcomes and results.
Paula Moore — Director of Clinical Trials, Alzheimer's Association
Outcome measures: From research to health care to service utilization.
Dan Marson, JD, PhD — Director, University of Alabama; and Miller Piggott, MSW — Ed Core Leader, University of Alabama
Models of program outcome measures.
Mary Mittelman, Dr PH — New York University; and Peggy Higgins, MS — University of Texas Southwestern

NP core leaders meeting

ADGC GWAS update.
Thomas Montine, MD, PhD — University of Washington
Neuropathology specimen tracking using caBIG.
Rakesh Nagarajan, MD — Washington University
Cost recovery for specimen preparation and shipping.
Thomas Beach, MD, PhD — Arizona ADRC

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