2005 Fall ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Directors Meeting

NIA: From the Director.
Richard Hodes, MD
Genetics Initiative.
Richard Mayeux, MD, MSc — Columbia University
Scientific Symposium: Exercise and behavioral enrichment on brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease
Voluntary exercise decreases amyloid load and improves learning in a transgenic model of AD.
Carl Cotman, MD — University of California, Irvine
Environmental enrichment mitigates cognitive deficits in a mouse model of AD.
Joanna Jankowsky, California Institute of Technology

NACC data/methods meeting

Verification bias in studies on the accuracy of the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.
X.H. Andrew Zhou, PhD — NACC Biostatistician

Education core leaders meeting

ADEAR update.
Pat Lynch — ADEAR, NIA