2003 Fall ADRC Meeting

Note: Following are links to available presentations from the meeting. The full agendas can be found here.

Directors meeting

NIA update.
Richard Hodes, MD — Director, National Institute on Aging
Clinical Task Force update.
John Morris, MD — Chair, Clinical Task Force
Scientific Symposium: Biomarkers of AD: Strategies for Discovery and Current Status as Markers of Pathology and Reporters of Disease Activity
Chris Clark, MD — University of Pennsylvania
Criteria and Procedures to Identify and Validate a Reliable AD/MCI Biomarker.
Richard Mayeux, MD MSc — Columbia University
Biomarkers, Old and New
CSF Tau.
Chris Clark, MD — University of Pennsylvania
CSF Amyloid.
Douglas Galasko, MD — University of California, San Diego
CSF Sulfatide.
Dave Holtzman, MD — Washington University
F2 Isoprostane.
Domenico Pratico, MD — University of Pennsylvania
Neuroimaging: Report from 4th Berg Symposium.
Mike Weiner, MD — University of California, San Francisco

Data core leaders meeting

Is "Dead" the Same as "Missing"?
Brenda Kurland, PhD — NACC Biostatistician
Time-Dependent Exposure in Case-Control Studies.
Roger Higdon, PhD — NACC Senior Biostatistician

Education Core Leaders Meeting

Recruitment Materials for the Genetics Initiative.
Patricia Lynch, MA, MS, MAPS — Program Director, ADEAR