Testing out the New NACCID Process

The National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center (NACC) is launching a new process for assigning NACCIDs. NACCIDs are the unique identifiers assigned by NACC for Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC) participants. These IDs are critical for linking the Uniform Data Set (UDS) with other data within the NACC Data Platform. With the new NACCID process, ADRCs will submit a simple form to NACC in order to assign NACCIDs to participants at the time of consent.

NACCIDs should only be assigned to participants if they will participate in the UDS study at some point. Once assigned, the NACCID will accompany every data type that is submitted for that participant to NACC including UDS, Standardized Centralized Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias Neuroimaging (SCAN) initiative, Clarity in ADRD Research Through Imaging (CLARiTI), and affiliated study data.

The new process will allow for additional NACCID verification, improve flexibility by enabling participant data types to be submitted to the NACC Data Platform in any order, and streamline multimodal data integration. This new process will not affect how ADRCs assign their own site-specific IDs or NIA GUIDs. We are eager for input via your participation in the NACCID pilot outlined in this page and look forward to teaming up with the ADRCs to roll out the new NACCID process.

What are the goals of the pilot?

The goals of the NACCID Pilot are to test and receive your feedback on the usability and functionality of the following:

  1. Using the NACCID Onboarding Checklist to get started with the new NACCID process.

  2. Using the ADRC Portal to assign NACCIDs at the time of consent. There are three options for assigning NACCIDs within the ADRC Portal.

  3. Using the ADRC Portal to transfer participants to your center.

  4. Using the errors and alerts page to resolve and resubmit data as needed.

Your feedback is critical and will help inform us of next steps for refining the NACCID assignment process. You will be asked to provide input during the pilot through a set of brief feedback forms.

NOTE: The NACCID Pilot is not intended to be used with actual participants. Please only test this process using fake data.

NACCID Pilot Timeline

Roles for NACC, ADRC, or Both

Pilot NominationADRCs nominate primary pilot participantsADRC
OnboardingAttend or watch onboarding training & preboarding meeting [5/17]Both
Pilot forms distributedNACC
Pilot Period & ReportingADRCs run pilot testsADRC
ADRCs provide pilot feedbackADRC
Mid-pilot meetingBoth
ADRCs provide test feedback [through 6/19]]ADRC

Who Will Run the Pilot at Your ADRC?

Each ADRC will nominate someone from their ADRC to serve as the point of contact for the NACCID Pilot. Emails were sent to each ADRC in May 2024.

The point person will be responsible for:

  • Filling out the sign-up form
  • Participating in the NACCID Pilot meetings
  • Completing the REDCap Feedback Form for each method of upload used (The feedback forms required of each ADRC will depend on which methods the Center plans to use.)

How will ADRCs Assign NACCIDs?

NACCID Pilot users will log into the new ADRC Portal to test out new submission site.

For information on how to load the NACCID Assignment and Transfer Form into your ADRC’s instance of REDCap, click here.


To facilitate participation in this pilot, participating ADRCs will be provided with the following:

  • NACCID Onboarding Checklist
  • NACCID Pilot Onboarding Meeting (will be available by recording as well)
  • NACCID Pilot Midpoint Meeting

NACC Community Forum

Join the latest discussions about the NACCID Pilot on the NACC Community Forum!

If you are participating in the NACCID Pilot, you should have received an invitation to join Discourse, NACC’s moderated forum tool. Accept the invitation and create login credentials to gain access to Discourse.

Once you have access, click here to go to the NACCID Pilot section of Discourse. In the NACC Community Forum, you can:

  • Add new discussion topics
  • Reply to existing topics
  • Ask questions
  • Get support
  • Help other members of the ADRC Program community

Note: The NACC Community Forum is currently invitation-only and only open to NACCID and UDSv4 Pilot Participants. If you are part of either pilot program and did not receive an invitation to join Discourse, or need to add someone else from your team, please contact

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