UDSv3 Packet information

Table 1. Required and optional forms included in UDSv3 packets *

FormIVPFVPTIPTFPSummary of changes made for TIPSummary of changes made for TFP
T1: Inclusion FormAdapted TFP version of the form for initial visitAdded response option to capture COVID-19 as a reason for telehealth visit; Added question about modality of administration (telephone, video conference, combination)
A1: Subject Demographics
A2: Co-participant DemographicsMade a required form (i.e., not required for IVP or FVP)
A3: Subject Family History
A4: Subject Medications
A5: Subject Health HistoryNA
B1: PhysicalMade a required form (i.e., not required for IVP or FVP); removed physical measurements (i.e., height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate)NA
B6: GDSAdditional instruction provided in guidebookAdded as an optional form (i.e., not part of previous TFP version); additional instruction provided in guidebook
B8: Neurological Examaination of FindingsMade an optional form (i.e., required in IVP and FVP); additional instruction provided in guidebookNA
B9: Clinical Judgement of SymptomsAdditional instruction provided in guidebookAdditional instruction provided in guidebook
C1: Neuropsychological Test Battery, in-person **NANA
C2: Neuropsychological Test Battery, in-person **NANA
C2T: Neuropsychological Test Battery, telehealthCreated and added as a required formCreated and added as an optional form
D1: Clinician DiagnosisAdditional instruction provided in guidebookAdditional instruction provided in guidebook
D2: Clinician-assessed Medical Conditions

Table 2. Required and optional tests in C2 and C2T neuropsychological test battery *

Montreal Cognitiva Assessment (MoCA)
Montreal Cognitiva Assessment (MoCA) Blind
Craft Story 21 Recall — Immediate and Delayed
Benson Complex Figure Copy and Recall
Number Span Test - Forward and Backward
Category Fluency - Animals and Vegetables
Trail Making Test - Part A and B
Oral Trail Making Test - Part A and B
Multilingual Naming Test (MINT)
Verbal Naming Test
Verbal Fluency Phonemic Test — F and L words
Rey Auditory Verbal Learning (RAVLT) - Immediate and Delayed
  • Required
  • Optional

* Changes ratified by Clinical Task Force.

** Either C1 or C2 is required for the FVP.

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