2002 Spring ADRC Meeting

(Continental Room, Westin Tabor Center — Denver, CO)

ADC Directors’ Meeting

Richard Mayeux, MD, ADRC Executive Committee Chair
NIA Update
Marcelle Morrison-Bogorad Assoc. Director, NIA Neuroscience & Neuropsychology of Aging Program
Creighton Phelps, PhD Director, NIA’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center Programs
NACC Update
Walter Kukull, PhD Director, National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center
Richard Mayeux, MD, ADRC Executive Committee Chair
ADC/ADRC Directors’ Group Discussion
Need for a Clinical Core Executive Committee
Format for elections
Symposium: Clinical, Physiological and Molecular Changes in Memory During Late Life — Special Meeting of ADRC Directors and Clinical Core Leaders Special Meeting of ADRC Directors and Clinical Core Leaders
Organization of Memory
Richard Mayeux, MD, Columbia University
Memory Aging From 18 to 80 Years
Tim Salthouse, PhD, University of Virginia
Neural Correlates of Age-Related Memory Decline in Rodents and Non-Human Primates
Carol Barnes, PhD, University of Arizona
Imaging Hippocampal Circuits in Aging Humans and Mice
Scott Small, MD, Columbia University
Later Developments: Molecular Keys to Age-Related Memory Loss
Mark Barad, MD PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Panel Discussion
New Directions for Clinical and Basic Science Collaborative Studies: Getting the Most from NACC Data and Support
Conceptual framework
Dr. Creighton Phelps, ADRC Program Director, NIA
How We Can (All) Do More With the NACC Data
Dr. Walter Kukull, NACC Director
Focusing NACC Collaborative Studies: Mini RFAs, Maxi Impact
Dr. Steven DeKosky, NACC Steering Committee Chair
Break-Out Groups: Generating Ideas and Directions
Basic Science (Group Leaders: Dr. John Trojanowski and Dr. Carl Cotman)
Clinical Science (Group Leaders: Dr. Jeffrey Kaye and Dr. John Growdon)
Translational Science (Group Leaders: Dr. Leon Thal and Dr. Sid Gilman)