To support collaboration across Centers, NIA has worked with NACC to create the following listservs geared toward various interest groups and cores. These groups are open to interested persons within and, in some cases, outside of the ADRCs.

Also available to support collaboration are the umbrella listservs for each of the ADRC required cores. The umbrella listservs include the relevant core leaders, along with others who have expressed an interest in getting messages on topics of interest to the group.

To subscribe to any of these groups, please write to, using the subject line "Subscribe: name of interest group" and indicate your role in the ADRC (or other organization). To unsubscribe from any group, use the subject line "Unsubscribe: name of interest group."

Please note that you must be listed in the ADRC Personnel Directory in order to be automatically subscribed upon request to any of the listservs below. If you are not listed in the ADRC Personnel Directory, NACC will first request authorization from the Administrator of your ADRC,

Listservs for ADRC interest groups and cores

ADRC interest groups

ADRC African American Interest
ADRC Latinx Interest
ADRC Vascular Interest
ADRC Native American Interest
ADRC Down Syndrome Interest
ADGC and NCRAD Interest

ADRC core-focused listservs

CoreFor use of core leaders onlyUmbrella listserv
(includes core leaders, others)

Jobs listserv

PLEASE NOTE: The jobs listserv is intended for ADRC-related job postings. It is, however, a public listserv whose membership is not limited to ADRC personnel. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please visit the list information page.

ADRC-related job postings: