ADRC Steering Committees

ADRC Executive Committee

PositionTerm ends aNameCenter
ElectedFall 2022Oscar Lopez, MDUniversity of Pittsburgh
ElectedFall 2023Suzanne Craft, PhDWake Forest University
ElectedFall 2024Sanjay Asthana,MDWisconsin ADRC
a 3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair

Administrators Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends bNameCenter
Mandatory (Exec. Comm.)Fall 2022Leslie DunnUniversity of Pittsburgh
ElectedFall 2022Annika Noreen, PhDUniversity of Washington
Mandatory (Exec. Comm.)Fall 2023Sharon Letchworth, PhDWake Forest University
ElectedFall 2023Karyn Marsh, PhDNew York University
ElectedFall 2024Arijit BhaumikMichigan ADRC
Mandatory (Exec. Comm.)Fall 2024Hanna BlazelWisconsin ADRC
b 3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair for elected members

Biomarker Core Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends cNameCenter
ElectedTBDLynn Bekris, PhDCleveland ADRC
ElectedTBDJeff Dage, PhDIndiana University
ElectedTBDRicardo Osorio, MDNYU
Elected, Chair; Meeting S23TBDDonna Wilcock, PhDUniversity of Kentucky
Elected TBDThomas Wingo, PhDEmory University
Ex officion/aCerise Elliott, PhDNIA
c Term TBD

Neuropathology (NP) Core Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends dNameCenter
ElectedFall 2022Ann McKee, MDBoston University
Elected, Chair: F22Fall 2023Andrew Teich, MD, PhDColumbia University
ElectedFall 2024Thomas Wisniewski, MDNew York University
d 3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair

Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement (ORE) Core Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends eNameCenter
ElectedFall 2022Crystal Glover, PhDRush University
Elected, Chair: F22Fall 2023Laura Baker, PhDWake Forest University
ElectedFall 2023Corinne Pettigrew, PhDJohns Hopkins University
ElectedFall 2024Emily Largent, JD, PhD, RNPenn ADRC
ElectedFall 2024Sophia Wang, MDIndiana University
e 3-year term for members; Chair’s term to be determined as needed

Data Core Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends fNameCenter
ElectedFall 2022Yorghos Tripodis, PhDBoston University
Elected, Chair; Meeting: F22Fall 2023Sudeshna Das, PhDMassachusetts ADRC
ElectedFall 2024Erin Abner, PhDUniversity of Kentucky
Ex officion/aWalter A. Kukull, PhDNACC
Ex officion/aNina Silverberg, PhDNIA
f 3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair

Clinical Core Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends gNameCenter
Elected, Chair: F22Spring 2023Howie Rosen, MDUniversity of California, San Francisco
ElectedSpring 2024Cynthia Carlsson, MD, MSUniversity of Wisconsin
ElectedSpring 2025Liana Apostolova, MDIndiana University
ElectedSpring 2026Greg Jicha, MDUniversity of Kentucky
ElectedSpring 2027Aimee Pierce, MDOHSU ADRC
g 5-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair

Imaging Core Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends hNameCenter
ElectedSpring 2023Charles DeCarli, MDUniversity of California, Davis
ElectedSpring 2023John Detre, MDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Elected, Chair: S23Spring 2024Emily Rogalski, MDNorthwestern University
ElectedSpring 2024Sterling Johnson, PhDWisconsin ADRC
Elected, Chair: S23Spring 2024Beth Mormino, PhDStanford University
ElectedSpring 2025Ann Cohen, PhDUniversity of Pittsburgh
ElectedSpring 2025Shannon Risacher, PhDIndiana University
h 3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair

Research Education Component Steering Committee

PositionTerm ends iNameCenter
ElectedFall 2022Barbara Bendlin, PhDUniversity of Wisconsin
ElectedFall 2023Elizabeth Head, PhDUniversity of California, Irvine
Elected, Chair; Meeting: S22Fall 2024Hussein Yassine, MDUniversity of Southern California
i 3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair

Clinical Task Force

PositionTerm ends jNameCenter
Appointed, Chairn/aAllan Levey, MD, PhDEmory University
Appointedn/aRhoda Au, PhDBoston University
Appointedn/aLisa Barnes, PhDRush University
Appointedn/aBrad Boeve, MDMayo Clinic
Appointedn/aSuzanne Craft, PhDWake Forest University
Appointedn/aTeresa Gomez-Isla, MD, PhDMassachusetts ADRC
Appointedn/aAndrew Saykin, PsyDIndiana University
Appointedn/aSuzanne Schindler, MD, PhDWashington University
Appointedn/aSandra Weintraub, PhDNorthwestern University
Ex officion/aWalter Kukull, PhDNACC
Ex officion/aTatiana Foroud, PhDNCRAD
Ex officio via Clin Core SCSpring 2020Greg Jicha, MDUniversity of Kentucky
Ex officio via Clin Core SCSpring 2021Mary Sano, MDMount Sinai
Ex officio via Clin Core SCSpring 2022Jeff Burns, MDUniversity of Kansas
Ex officio via Clin Core SCSpring 2023Howie Rosen, MDUC San Francisco
Ex officio via Clin Core SCSpring 2024Cynthia Carlsson, MDUniversity of Wisconsin
j Appointed members serve until the CTF is disbanded.

NACC committees

NACC Steering Committee

Type of positionTerm ends kNameCenter
ADRC Exec. CommFall 2022Oscar Lopez, MDUniversity of Pittsburgh
ElectedFall 2022Bruce Miller, MDUCSF
ElectedFall 2023Christopher van Dyck, MDYale University
Elected, ChairFall 2024Sanjay Asthana,MDWisconsin ADRC
ElectedFall 2024David Wolk, MDPenn ADRC
Ex officion/aDallas Anderson, PhDNIA
Ex officio, MRI rep falln/aCharles DeCarli, MDUniversity of California, Davis
Ex officio, MRI rep springn/aWilliam Jagust, MDUniversity of California, Berkeley
Ex officio, CSF project repn/aDouglas Galasko, MDUniversity of California, San Diego
NACC directorn/aWalter A. Kukull, PhDNACC
NCRAD repn/aTatiana Foroud, PhDIndiana University
Ex officion/aNina Silverberg, PhDNIA
kTerm is three years for elected members and members from the ADRC Executive Committee; Chair serves a two-year term.

DLB Subcommittee

James Galvin, MD, ChairFlorida Atlantic University
Brad Boeve, MDMayo Clinic
Tanis Fermin, MDMayo Clinic
Douglas Galasko, MDUCSD
Jennifer Goldman, MDRush University
John Growdon, MDMassachusetts ADRC
James Leverenz, MDCleveland Clinic
Carol Lippa, MDDrexel University
Debby Tsuang, MDUniversity of Washington
Dan Weintraub, MDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Dallas Anderson, PhDNIA, ex officio
Debra Babcock, MD, PhDNINDS, ex officio
Walter Koroshetz, MDNIA, ex officio
Walter Kukull, PhDNACC, ex officio
Laurie Ryan, PhDNIA, ex officio
Beth-Anne Siebert, PhDNIA, ex officio
Nina Silverberg, PhDNIA, ex officio

NACC Scientific Review Committee

Type of elected positionTerm endsNameCenter
Stat/epiFall 2022Erin Abner, PhDUniversity of Kentucky ADRC
NeuropsychFall 2022Dorene Rentz, PsyD, ChairBoston University ADRC
Stat/EpiFall 2025Rebecca Betensky, PhDNYU ADRDC
NeuropathologyFall 2025Anne Hiniker, MD, PhDUCSD ADRC
Stat/EpiFall 2025Timothy Hughes, PhDWake Forest ADRC
Stat/EpiFall 2025Yanming Li, PhDUniversity of Kansas ADRDC
NeuropsychFall 2025David Loewenstein, PhD, ABPP/CN1Florida ADRC
Stat/EpiFall 2025Michael Lutz, PhDDuke/UNC ARDC
TranslationalFall 2026Barbara Bendlin, PhDWisconsin ADRC
NeuroimagingFall 2026Tammie Benzinger, MD, PhDKnight ADRC (WUSTL)
Scientific Review Officern/aWalter Kukull, PhDNACC