Clinical training

Training for administering the UDS

Essential UDS reference documents

Other UDS training materials


T-cog training

  • Questions and answers about the new Telephone Follow-up Packet

    Guidance for general and Neuropsych test administration

  • Down Syndrome Module Training

  • ABC-DS Case Consensus Process

    For reference, Alzheimer's Biomarkers Consortium — Down Syndrome (ABC-DS) case consensus process for determination of Alzheimer's Disease clinical status.

  • Consensus Conference Form

    Companion case consensus form that can be used alongside the recommended guidelines for case consensus outlined in the DS-Module guidebooks.

  • Training videos

    Neuropsycological test administration guidance videos (a NACC account is mandatory to access this section).

  • Training for administering the FTLD Module

    Essential FTLD reference documents

    Presentations from the 2011 FTLD Module training meeting