2017 Fall ADRC Meeting presentations

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Ore core leaders meeting

Josh Grill, PhD; Chair, ORE Core Leaders Steering Committee, University of California, Irvine
NIA update
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH
Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) update
Melissa McGowan; NIA/NIHk
Alzheimer's Association update
Keith Fargo, PhD; Director of Scientific Programs and Outreach, Alzheimer's Association
Lewy Body Dementia Association update
Bethany Peterson, PhD; Director of Project Management, LBDA
Returning cognitive testing results to ADRC participants
Carey Gleason, PhD; Co-Leader, Minority Recruitment Satellite, University of Wisconsin
Returning ADRC genetic testing results to ADRC participants
David Salmon, PhD; Clinical Core Co-Leader, University of California, San Diego
What to do when participants bring their 23andMe results to their ADRC visit
J. Scott Roberts, PhD; ORE Core Leader, University of Michigan
Amyloid imaging disclosure in prevention trials
Jeffrey M. Burns, MD, MS; Assoc. Director, Clinical Core Leader, University of Kansas
AD Center Review Panel recommendations: Implications for ORE Cores
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH
Barry Greenberg, PhD; Chair, AD Center Review Panel
James Galvin, MD, MPH; Florida Atlantic University
Recruiting special populations
Carl Hill, PhD, MPH; Director, Office of Special Populations, NIA/NIH
National recruitment strategy for Alzheimer's clinical research
Melissa McGowan; NIA/NIH & Heather Snyder, PhD; Sr Director, Medical and Scientific OPS, Alzheimer's Association
Implementing Research Education Cores — What we are doing at our Centers
Linda Van Eldik, PhD; Director, University of Kentucky
Laura Baker, PhD; ORE Core Leader, Wake Forest University
Latino Task Force update
Katya Rascovsky, PhD; Neuropsychologist, University of Pennsylvania

NP core leaders meeting

NP Survey
Edward Lee, MD, PhD; NP Core Co-Leader, University of Pennsylvania
Down syndrome
Matthew Frosch, MD, PhD; Chair, NP Core Leaders Steering Committee, NP Core Leader, Massachusetts ADRC
NACC update
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
Poster Viewing Session

Directors meeting

NIA update
Richard Hodes, MD; Director, NIA/NIH
Eliezer Masliah, MD; Director, Division of Neuroscience, NIA/NIH
Nina Silverberg, PhD; Director, ADRC Program, NIA/NIH
Gerard D. Schellenberg, PhD; PI, Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
Walter A. Kukull, PhD; Director, National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center
Rare variants modifying Alzheimer's disease risk
Todd Golde, MD, PhD; Director, 1Florida ADRC
CSF Biomarker standardization efforts
Douglas Galasko, MD; Clinical Core Leader, University of California, San Diego
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)
Mathew Blurton-Jones, PhD; iPSC Core Leader, University of California, Irvine
Tatiana Foroud, PhD;
PI, National Cell Repository for Alzheimer's Disease
National Academies Report: "Preventing cognitive decline and dementia: A way forward"
Ron Petersen, MD, PhD; Director, Mayo Clinic

NACC data / methods meeting

NACC database update
Duane Beekly, BS; Director of Computing Systems, NACC
Studies in China
X.H. Andrew Zhou, PhD; Associate Director and Biostatistician, NACC
Papers recently published using NACC data
Lilah Besser, PhD, MSPH; Sr Research Scientist, NACC
Presentation on published work resulting from a NACC Junior Investigator Award project: "Polygenic hazard scores in preclinical Alzheimer's disease"
Chin Hong Tan, PhD; UCSF
Collaborative research on asymptomatic Alzheimer's disease and primary age-related tauopathy
Charles Mock, MD, PhD; Associate Director and Epidemiologist, NACC

Data core leaders meeting

NACCulator error checks and uploading systems
Kevin Hanson, PhD; Project Manager, 1Florida ADRC
REDCAP collaborative initiatives: Background and updates
Suzanne Hunt, MS; University of Kansas
Electronic data capturing systems: Design and implementation
Tim Shannon, MS; Data Manager, University of Kentucky
Discussion: How to improve resource-sharing across ADRCs
Hiroko Dodge, PhD; Data Core Leader, Oregon Health & Science University and University of Michigan

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